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TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
We committing self to provide high quality drivers for we well-known that it is quiet significant to vehicle an important person comfortably and of course safely.
Please feel free to contact us to consulting about the combination of a fixed contract, an one-day contract, or a short-time contract, etc. 
I may be pleased if you can get a little joy daily from "the care, the consideration, and the reception" which our Company is proud of.
Advantages of using the service of  TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
1  We may offer you drivers and driving managers upon your requests. 
2  We may help you arrange complicated personnel management and vehicle management. 
3  We may help you reduce the expenses which may be greatly spent on personnel and vehicle management. 
4  Due to our perfect and confidentiality obligation, you won’t be got in any trouble. 
5  Based on our certainly service operation, the hindrance to your business caused by vacation or absence will be vanishing. 
6  We will treat your vehicle carefully and keep it clean and in good condition. 
7  Foreign language interpreter can be assigned to accompany you according to your requirement. 
8  Based on our reemployment system, consultations are available.  
9  In case of an emergency, we can deal with the accident processing on behalf of your company. 
Business manner of  TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
To meet various needs of our clients, the service contents are considered in details. We offer reasonable price and provide talented service staff in agreement according to your demands. Our full-time drivers will endeavor to supply you with perfect confidentiality, top level security and good service. 
We, TransACT Co.,Ltd.® are aiming at becoming the pioneer in this industry and hoping to be developed while obtaining your trust and support. 
Company profile
Trade name        TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
Head office         4F CS House, 3-20-19 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 150-0001
Tel                    +81-(0)3-6869-1277
Fax                   +81-(0)3-6869-1290
E-mail                info@transact.co.jp
President            Hideki Tachibana
Business             Vehicle driving & Secretary consignment business
Business hours    5:00-22:00
Service area       Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and others
Tranding bank     Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
1  我们为您提供司机和驾驶员的服务。
2  我们帮助您完成复杂的人事管理和车辆管理。
3  我们帮助您在人员和车辆管理方面,减少不必要和多余的费用。
4  我们有完善的保密义务规定,请您放心安心使用。
5  根据弊公司的相关服务款项规定,您对业务处理的休暇时间的阻碍将得以大幅缓解。
6  我们会认真保管您的车辆,并保持清洁和良好的状态。
7  根据您的要求我们可以为您提供指定外语口译员陪伴您的服务。
8  我们公司同时也提供再就业服务。
9  如发生紧急情况,我们可以代理您处理事故。
公司名称  TransACT Co.,Ltd.®
总部    4F 原宿CS房屋,东京都涩谷市东京市3-20-19室东京 150-0001
电话    +81-(0)3-6869-1277
传真    +81-(0)3-6869-1290
邮箱地址  info@transact.co.jp
董事長     橘  秀树
经营服务  驾驶员与秘书的派遣介绍服务
营业时间      5:00-22:00
服务区域  东京,神奈川,千叶,埼玉等
交易银行  三菱东京UFJ银行